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Employment FAQ

Q: I am currently a certified/Nationally Registered EMT/Paramedic in another state. I plan to move to Pennsylvania and am interested in working for Lancaster EMS. What is required to be employable by Lancaster EMS?

To work as an EMS provider in Pennsylvania, you must be Pennsylvania State certified. The reciprocity process in Pennsylvania is termed Certification by Endorsement. This is handled through the Pennsylvania Department of Health. Following the instructions including in the Certification by Endorsement packet, the application should be completed and forwarded for consideration. The reciprocity process can take up to a few weeks.

All EMS providers in Pennsylvania must be certified as Emergency Medical Service Vehicle Operators (EMSVO) to operate an emergency vehicle at an emergency rate. Additionally, a provider must be EMSVO credentialed to operate an emergency vehicle with a patient on board. To become EMSVO certified, the EMSVO application must be completed and submitted per the packet instructions. A copy of the provider’s driver’s license and EVOC certificate must be included with application submission.

EMTs/Paramedics in Pennsylvania are required to be CPR certified. Additionally, Lancaster EMS requires Paramedics to have current ACLS and PALS certifications.

Q: Can you offer examples of the shift length and schedules for EMTs/Paramedics?

The typical shift lengths are 8 hours, 12 hours, and 16 hours. Occasionally, clinical providers may work up to 18 hours in the event of a late call. However, all clinical staff members must have a minimum of 6 hours off in a 24 hour period. 24 hour shifts are not permitted at Lancaster EMS.

The shift schedules are based on a template design. Each template is an individual, 2 week schedule that continuously cycles on that 2 week rotation. The days/times/site locations remain constant in that template until the employee/employer finds reason to alter the template. For example, EMT Smith’s template may look like this:

  • Thurs: 0700-2300
  • Fri: 0700-1900
  • Sat: 0700-1900
  • Sun: 0700-1900
  • Mon: 0700-1900
  • Tues: 0700-2300
  • Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed – Off

Q: What are the requirements for a part-time or per diem EMT/Paramedic?

All part-time clinical staff members are required to work a templated/permanently assigned 24 hours per week.

All Flex, or per diem, clinical staff members are required to work 16 hours per month. Flex clinicians are not required to work permanently assigned scheduled shifts.

Q: I have instructor credentials or have interest in becoming an instructor. Would I have an opportunity to teach for Lancaster EMS?

The answer is yes. Lancaster EMS is an AHA training center and frequently provides AHA courses, such as Heart Saver CPR, PEARs, and ACLS. Those already certified or have intereste in becoming certified as an instructor would have an opportunity to assist with educational offerings for Lancaster EMS.

Q: I am a certified EMT/Paramedic but my license had been suspended due to a previous DUI. Can I still operate an emergency vehicle once my driver’s license is restored?

It is always recommended that any clinician who has had their driver’s license suspended for any reason should contact the Department of Health for more information.

Q: How long is the orientation process for an EMT/Paramedic?

All new hires will complete four days of administrative/classroom education prior to field training. This orientation is typically scheduled Monday thru Thursday during normal business hours.

Field training is typically scheduled for 80 hours with an assigned Field Training Officer. The field training process is fast-paced and requires the new hire to rapidly assimilate into the clinical atmosphere under the guidance of a senior training officer. Mid-way check points and a supportive education team provide a supportive environment to ensure a high probability for success.