Lancaster EMS Trustees

Gladdie McMurtrie - Chair
Community Representative
Dick Moriarty - Secretary
Community Representative / Mayor, Millersville Borough
Glennda Hart - Trustee
Senior Director of Lakes Campus, Willow Valley Communities
Patrick Hopkins - Trustee
Business Administrator, City of Lancaster
Denise Kennedy - Trustee
Vice President, Financial Services, Lancaster General Hospital
Joshua Parsons - Trustee
Commissioner, Lancaster County, PA.
Brooks Turkel - Trustee
Market CEO, PinnacleHealth Lancaster Division
Michael Johnson - Treasurer
Chief Financial Officer, PinnacleHealth
Norma Ferdinand - Trustee
Senior Vice President / Chief Quality Officer, Lancaster General Hospital
Carl Homa - Trustee
Director of Emergency Services, PinnacleHealth
Carla Leed - Trustee
Director of Emergency and Trauma Services, Lancaster General Hospital
N. Anthony Mastropietro, MD - Trustee
Chief Medical Officer, PinnacleHealth Lancaster Division
Dr. Mike Reihart - Trustee
Physician, Emergency Department, Lancaster General Hospital